Smarter, Greener, Healthier

A really smart building is adaptable, flexible and sustainable, but also a place that makes you feel good at all times. A truly smart building contributes to the convenience, productivity, well-being and job satisfaction of a user.

the brain
the app
the modules
the brain

DARWIN® as the brain of your building.

DARWIN® is the smart building platform that makes buildings transparent, measurable and workable. As the intelligent brain of your building, DARWIN® connects all your systems, devices and applications and thinks of energy, efficiency, comfort and health. Make your building really smart together with DARWIN® and create the best environment for your staff, your visitors and the environment.
the app

Manage your building, control your environment.

A lot happens every day in your building. With the DARWIN® App ™ you can control all systems in your building going from lighting, climate and audio-video equipment to room reservation and flex workplaces. The data from these systems is displayed in your own personal DARWIN® dashboard. All available on mobile, tablet or desktop.
the modules

A perfect climate for efficiency.

Want to know exactly what is going on in your building and respond to it in a smart way? DARWIN® offers measurements, visualisations, management and control of your building. All within 1 central environment. In addition, DARWIN® is flexibly and scalably arranged in various modules and therefore fully scalable to your needs and organization. Existing or new construction, large or small, DARWIN® provides you with space reservation, visualization of energy, occupation and measurements of how your office environment is performing.
Happy Users
M2 BREEAM Certified
Energy Saving
CO2 Reduction

Who uses DARWIN®?

In past few years, we had the honor to build a healthy and sustainable relationship with our users. Innovative companies, leading projects. Always with one common denominator: creating a smarter, greener and healthier environment.

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