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about us

The most evolutionary software solution in the world of building intelligence.

DARWIN® is a building intelligence software scale-up from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. We’ve developed an evolutionary smart building software solution based on state-of-the-art technology, offering one single smart platform which connects everything and everyone in the building.
our goal

The world needs better buildings. The world needs DARWIN®.

At DARWIN® we value the world and it’s people. Therefore our goal is to help buildings (both existing and new) evolve into sustainable, healthy and innovative environments. To do so, we have gathered smart people, more than 30 years of experience in smart system integration and state-of-the-art technology.
The future

We value tomorrow by adding value today.

We strongly believe that today’s effort leads to a better world tomorrow. A world where the next generation will find a greener, smarter and more sustainable built environment offering a user centered co-existence between bricks, bites and behavior.

Smart Building Solution

The DARWIN® smart building solution connects and communicates with everything in your building from the lighting, climate and security system to the AV equipment and local fitness gear. But, DARWIN® doesn’t stop there. Offering “One App To Rule Them All” DARWIN® also enables you to control lights, shades, climate, workspaces and more.
Discover how DARWIN® can help you evolve and add value to your building, your operations, your employees and your visitors.

Smart Building Services

But, there’s more! Additional services from inside or outside the DARWIN® platform can be added or integrated putting you in full control of your environment with the DARWIN® App and enabling all kinds of smart features. This helps you reduce operational complexity and improve comfort and convenience while having full insights on what is happening in and around your building.
Workspace Management
Get a room or book a desk when you need it with the DARWIN App, in the conditions you prefer and with the services you need.
Visitor Management
Simplify the process of managing your attendees and visitors and give them an astonishing customer experience.
Facility Management
One clear dashboard for all your reports and KPIs. Create insightful reports as well as staying on top of your meeting rooms’ occupancy rate.
Catering Management
Catering can manage orders efficiently using DARWIN® catering management. If an order changes, the system automatically updates.
Parking Management
Enhance your parking experience, maximise parking efficiency and manage it all within the same DARWIN® user interface.
Access Management
Give users automated access to your site, building or certain areas by card, phone or face recognition using DARWIN® for confirmation.

We Value Your Call

Connect with DARWIN®, bring your building to live and create a better environment. Discover the real value in acquiring data and start using it to your advantage. Consult with us and learn about how to value your future.
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