Gain insight into the health of your building, your office spaces and workplaces. Give your employees and visitors an environment where it is pleasant to stay and thus create a valuable addition to the HR and FM policy of your organization.
Our smart multi-sensors measure CO2, humidity, temperature, movement and presence. Data that forms the basis for your own dashboard with practical insights, analyzes and targeted improvement actions. Everything to help you on your way to a healthy and sustainable indoor climate.
Measure room health and conditions using one smart multi sensor - DARWIN smart building software
DARWIN® smart multi sensor
DARWIN® smart multi sensor

Measure space conditions and health with just one smart multi sensor.

Good air quality and pleasant room conditions make people active, keep them healthy and happy. Our new, revolutionary smart building multi-sensor misses absolutely nothing. It concentrates on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO₂ and light intensity. When the multi-sensor is combined with the innovative True Presence® technology, it also reliably detects the presence and absence of people over an area of 64 m². Real digital and reliable knowledge of presence or absence.
DARWIN® True Presence®
DARWIN® True Presence®
True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detection. It reliably detects the presence of a person. Whatever this person does: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping. Real digital knowledge of presence or absence and essential information for existing or future building management. True Presence® technology is based on extremely accurate high-frequency measurements of the detector’s environment. The presence of people is indicated when three-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement of vital functions) are detected. The distance from the person to the sensor and the direction of movement are also recorded. And all this happens so quickly and precisely that it is no longer necessary to set an ON time. True Presence® is the flagship of the presence detection revolution and heralds a new era for smart building sensor technology.
Smart workspace sensors
Smart workspace sensors

Measure room conditions and occupancy with our smart camera sensor.

Easily monitor the use of office space, detect presence, count the actual number of participating people, measure the room conditions and adjust your working environment to the actual needs of users.
With the help of an innovative camera technology, combined with a complex mathematical algorithm, DARWIN® can detect and count people, whether they are moving or not. The smart multi-sensor has also integrated temperature, light intensity and humidity sensors, allowing DARWIN® to monitor the room conditions in real-time and adjust them to actual use and demand.
Smart workspace sensoring for workspace occupancy, temperature, Co2, people counting - DARWIN smart building software


Air quality indicator on your app,  smart phone or tablet.

Health Dashboard

Your own dashboard with all room conditions, health indicators and more.


Sustainability advice, improvement actions and 24/7 insight.


Measure the exact temperature in your room, office space or workplace.


Measure the exact air quality (Co2) in your room, office space or workplace.


Measure the exact humidity in your room, office space or workplace.


Measure the volatile organic compounds (VOC) in your room, office space or workspace.

Air pressure

Measure the exact air pressure in your room, office space or workplace.

Air Quality

Measure the air quality in your room, office space or workplace.

Radial Object Distance

Measure the distance of a person or object from the sensor in your room, office space or workspace.


Measure the way people move in your room, office space or workspace.

True Presence®

The first smart detector for identifying human presence, using extremely precise high-frequency measurements.