DARWIN Smart Building App - One App To Rule Them All
One App To Rule Them All
One App To Rule Them All

One app to rule them all,
one app to find them.

As a user, you do not want to have to switch between different user interfaces for your systems and equipment. You want interoperability. One smart and intuitive user environment that allows you to easily operate and control all connected and available facilities.
Unlock a door. Find a free workspace or book a room and add services you prefer. Adjust the temperature and lights, control the shades. Start your presentation or videoconference meeting. Simply rule it all from within one app!

Smart Beacon Network
Smart Beacon Network

Enter a room and get immediate control of all equipment and assets.

The DARWIN® smart building app puts you in full control of any equipment or source, from any device. Thanks to our applied beacon technology the app automatically finds the space you are in and brings you directly into the context of that space. You can immediately  control all connected systems and devices going from temperature, lighting and shades to operating audio-video equipment.
DARWIN Smart Building Beacon Network

Room Health Status

See all features and statuses of rooms you enter or search for such as temperature, Co2, humidity, asset issues and more.

Issues & Notifications

Receive or add real-time information and notifications about room equipment and assets with DARWIN’s smart ticketing.

Occupancy Information

Simply find out whether a room is booked or not, get an available parking space or easily find your way around.

Workspace Booking

Get a room or book a desk when you need it with the DARWIN App, in the conditions you prefer and with the services you need.

Smart Controls

Control any equipment or source from any device. Lights, HVAC, shades, AV and more. It’s all controllable with the DARWIN® app.

Beacon Identifier

Literally open doors with the smart beacon based DARWIN® App. Confirm desks or rooms and activate equipment and assets.