Smart Insights & Analytics
Smart Insights & Analytics

Capture data and use it in real-time notifications, detailed analytics and summary reports.

Our industrial grade DARWIN® Core™ stores all historical data while the dynamic data model manages devices, equipment and complex rule management. Data is driven into a variety of dashboards for daily property management purposes, energy reporting, occupancy management and smart ticketing. Doing so, we remove the complexity of data analysis and provide access to both real-time and historical data in a variety of styles, offering you all necessary tools to run your daily operations and optimise your building’s performance.

Smart Building Insights & Analytics with the DARWIN Web App
Intelligent Operations
Intelligent Operations

Create insightful reports as well as staying on top of your meeting rooms’ occupancy.

DARWIN® offers you one single and intuitive user interface providing a better understanding of an environment. From an entire building or estate, down to an individual desk or room. We give you full insights and help you create actions to improve operations, efficiency and productivity.

Analytic Dashboards

Capture system, sensor and IOT data and use it in real-time notifications, detailed analytics and summary reports.

Ticketing & Notifications

Use our smart rule management to predict failures, automate ticketing and receive smart notifications about asset conditions.

Occupancy Management

Our powerful analytics give you insights on how people use office space. Reduce under utilised workspace and maximise efficiency.

Asset Management

Improve asset performance, leading to optimised asset investments and reduced total cost of ownership.

Catering Management

Allow users to easily add food, drinks and services to booked spaces and have it managed by DARWIN® automatically. 

Visitor Management

Automate the entire visitor management cycle from invite to arrival, parking and way-finding and create an astonishing customer journey.