Measure room health and conditions using one smart multi sensor - DARWIN smart building software
DARWIN® smart multi sensor
DARWIN® smart multi sensor

Measure room health and conditions using only one smart multi sensor.

Good air and satisfying room conditions make people active, keeps them healthy and happy. Our new, revolutionary smart building multi sensor misses absolutely nothing. It concentrates on the detection of temperature, humidity, air pressure, volatile organic compounds (VOC), CO₂ and brightness. When combining the multi sensor with True Presence® technology, it also reliably detects the presence and absence of people over a 64 m² area. This is real digital and reliable knowledge of presence or absence.
DARWIN® True Presence®
DARWIN® True Presence®
True Presence® is the world’s first true presence detector. It reliably detects the presence of a person. No matter what this person is doing: walking, standing, sitting, reading, resting or sleeping. This is real digital knowledge of presence or absence.  This is essential information for existing or future building management. The True Presence® technology is based on extremely precise high-frequency measurements of the detector’s surroundings. The presence of humans is indicated when 3-dimensional breathing patterns (micro-movement from vital functions) are detected. The distance of the person to the sensor as well as the direction of movement is registered as well. And all of this is done so quickly and precisely that there is no longer any need to set a stay ON time. True Presence® is the flagship of the presence detector evolution and heralds a new era in building sensor technology.
Smart workspace sensoring
Smart workspace sensoring

Measure room health and occupancy with our smart camera sensor.

Simply monitor the use of office space, detect presence, count the actual number of participating persons, measure room conditions and adjust your work environment to the actual needs of its users.
Using an innovative camera technology in combination with a complex mathematical algorithm DARWIN® is able to detect and count people, whether they are moving or not. The smart multi sensor also has temperature, light intensity and air-humidity sensors integrated, enabling us to monitor and adjust room conditions in line with the actual use and demand.
Smart workspace sensoring for workspace occupancy, temperature, Co2, people counting - DARWIN smart building software


Measure the exact temperature in your room, office area or workspace.


Measure the exact Co2 condition in your room, office area or workspace.


Measure the exact humidity condition in your room, office area or workspace.


Measure the volatile organic compounds in your room, office area or workspace.

Air pressure

Measure the air pressure conditions in your room, office area or workspace.

Air Quality

Measure the air quality condition in your room, office area or workspace.

Radial Object Distance

Measure the distance of a person or object to the sensor in your room, office area or workspace.

Approaching & Moving Away

Measure the way people are moving in your room, office area or workspace.

True Presence®

The first smart detector for identifying human presence, using extremely precise high-frequency measurement.