Manage your building's occupancy, find free flex work spaces, book rooms and manage show or no show - DARWIN room booking desk pad - award winning
Manage desk and room booking
Manage desk and room booking

Easily book rooms, desks
or flex work spaces.

The DARWIN® room and desk booking platform provides everything you need to make your workplace more efficient, connected and collaborative. Our software directly connects with calendaring platforms from Microsoft, IBM and Google so you can reserve rooms from your desktop, on the DARWIN® smart building app, or on the spot. Our design award winning desk and room pads seamlessly integrate with your interior while offering all on-the-spot details about availability.
DARWIN® room booking tool
DARWIN® room booking tool
In order to get the most out of your meetings you want to book rooms or work spaces based on the facilities and equipment you need. Besides, what’s a meeting without proper food and beverage? At DARWIN® we have developed a specific room booking tool that helps you find the room that meets up to your needs, allows you to invite people and helps you add services.
Smart workspace sensoring
Smart workspace sensoring

Measure room health and occupancy with our smart camera sensor.

Simply monitor the use of office space, detect presence, count the actual number of participating persons, measure room conditions and adjust your work environment to the actual needs of its users.
Using an innovative camera technology in combination with a complex mathematical algorithm DARWIN® is able to detect and count people, whether they are moving or not. The smart multi sensor also has temperature, light intensity and air-humidity sensors integrated, enabling us to monitor and adjust room conditions in line with the actual use and demand.
Smart workspace sensoring for workspace occupancy, temperature, Co2, people counting - DARWIN smart building software

Smart Room Booking

Find a free room or workspace when you need it, with the facilities you want and the services you prefer.

Flex Desk Booking

Easily book flex desk space, from a distance or ad-hoc, and have a healthy desk at your disposal at all time.

Space Utilization

Simply monitor the use of office space, detect presence, manage no-show situations and optimize space utilization to the benefit of all.

Workspace Health Status

Measure room conditions such as temperature, Co2, humidity, light intensity, equipment status, and contribute to a healthier and happier work environment.

People Counting

Detect presence, count the actual number of people in a room or area and  monitor “true presence” with DARWIN’s smart camera multi sensor.

Smart Room Controls

Book and confirm desks or rooms with the DARWIN® smart building app and control AV equipment, light levels, shades or temperature.